Fixed Income

Our Fixed Income Solutions are interest bearing securities that obligates the Issuer to pay the Investor a fixed coupon at pre-agreed and pre-determined dates and full repayment at maturity.

Each investor receives their fixed coupon payouts either monthly or quarterly directly from the paying agent as well as will receive the 100% original investment amount back at maturity from the issuer regardless of market conditions. We work with Capital Protected and Asset Backed providers that can often Guarantee the Investment against any loss.


Fixed Yearly Returns

1-2 Years

Investment Maturity Period


Payback Investment Value

Minimal Risk

Investors benefit by preserving their invested capital, enabled by the 100% payback of the Investment.

Low Market Volatility

Fixed Income assets carry low volatility as compared to equity or mutual fund and other comparable investments.

Portfolio Diversification

Fixed Income assets enable efficient portfolio diversification and thus assist in portfolio risk-mitigation.

Regular Income Stream

Fixed Income assets provide investors with a steady stream of income, allowing them to enjoy streamlined cashflow.