National Insurance and UK State Pension

The State Pension is a vital source of income for millions of retired people across Britain.

However, the system can be complex and it’s important that you know how it works.

If you’re looking to maximise your income in retirement, a good place to start is with your State Pension.

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The full New State Pension in the 2024/25 tax year is £221.20 per week, which produces an annual income of £11,502.40. The actual amount you receive will depend on your National Insurance record. The only reasons the amount can be higher are if you have over a certain amount of additional State Pension or you defer by delaying taking your State Pension.

As well as checking your State Pension age, you can check your entitlement by obtaining a State Pension forecast. A State Pension forecast can tell you: how much State Pension you could receive, when you can start receiving it and how to increase it, if you can, by adding to your National Insurance record.

In order to receive the full UK State Pension, you need to have 35 years’ worth of NI contributions on your record. We are able to assist individuals in making up shortfalls in their NI records to ensure that they maximise their entitlement to the UK State Pension no matter where they reside in the world. This can be done for a lot less than you may think at a cost of only £3.45 per week.